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Your Son’s First Home with Suitable Rhode Island Kitchen Cabinets

He has finished college and he is moving out of the house.  Not to be presumptuous, it might be your daughter, but for the moment, we will assume that it is your son and he has spent the time in college.  You have supported him through his studies and helped him build his credit.  Now […]

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Getting New Rhode Island Kitchen Cabinets: There is Still ‘Hope’

Your kitchen cabinets are an absolute nightmare. They are stained. They are dirty. Your kids have drawn all over them. Your cats and dogs have nearly scratched all of the paint off. Giving up on the idea that they are salvageable, you decided to get a quote on some new, custom built Rhode Island kitchen […]

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How to Install Your Own Rhode Island Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re concerned about how you’ll be able to afford new Rhode Island kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that you can save quite a bit if you install these yourself.  The job is not as difficult as you may imagine and can save you not just money, but time waiting for a contractor. Prefabricated Rhode […]

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